Study All Abroad - What We Do

Study All Abroad is an overseas educational placement consultancy basically for those seeking to study in Germany. We are established mainly to assist intending international students and their sponsor(s) to add value to their educational and career status by completing their overseas education application process with less trouble.With Study All Abroad Consult, we make sure that every prospective student planning to study abroad is given the best of assistance that he/she desires.We assist with the employment of best counseling on choice of course, programme and study destination that best suits.

University entrance qualification

We check your university entrance qualification for general university admission in Germany

This is a school-leaving certificate which qualifies you for university study in germany. In case your school-leaving certificate is not sufficient for study in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course (“Studienkolleg”) before you are allowed to start studying.

Verification of admission

We help our student do a complete verification of all the requirements at a German university.

Open a bank account

We help our student open a bank account / blocked account in germany, which is one of the most important requirement.

Finding a suitable accommodation

You can choose to live in University hostel or in a flat in the town. At your request we can also introduce you to other students from your home country.

Health Insurance

We help our student to conclude a Health Insurance for Visa (Incoming Insurance), for Language Course / Studienkolleg (optional) and for University (Public Insurance).

Pick up service

Our representatives who speak german, english and french well will meet you at the airport or train station and lead you to your school and accommodation.

Our Services Also Includes

Recognition of your Qualifications

Most professions are not regulated. If you are going to work as a business manager, IT specialist, for example, you will not need to have your qualifications recognised. However, it may still make sense to have your qualifications recognised. Recognition will help companies understand your skills and qualifications, so that you can leave a good impression as you apply for a job.

We will make sure that all your qualifications are recognize in Germany. The total cost of our services is 750 Euro. 500 Euro payment is required as deposit and the balance (250 Euro) before receiving your Recognition certificate.

Looking for a job in Germany

We will find a job that matches your professional profile and qualifications. The total cost of our services is 1000 Euro. 200 Euro payment is required as deposit and the balance (800 Euro) before receiving the contract.

You can check out what possibilities are open to you by trying our Quick-Check (Working in Germany).