Voluntary Service

Voluntary services for those interested in Germany - Commitment for one year

During a voluntary service you will become involved in a project for the duration of 12 months. Volunteers aged up to 26 can work in various different social institutions. Under the guidance of specialists, volunteers have a chance to see if the social sector suits their professional interests. The Voluntary Social Year is a year dedicated to learning and orientation and may be recognised as an internship for some apprenticeships.

The voluntary service is an educational year meaning that in the 12 months of the service you will gain many practical experiences and further your personal development. Furthermore it is an opportunity to improve your German language skills, to get to know the local culture and to experience everyday life in Germany.

Many former volunteers see their time volunteering as having helped them in discovering their talents, influencing their career choices and as the start of many long-lasting friendships. It is also important to remember that volunteering can have a positive impact on a wider societal level.

What you should know

  • A voluntary service lasts 12 months.
  • You will receive a contract, where your rights and obligations are described.
  • Most voluntary services begin in August or September (Be aware that if you need a visa for Germany you should apply early!)
  • Age: usually 18 – 26 years.
  • German language skills are desirable. At least a basic understanding of the German language and the willingness to improve those skills. Some employers require a B1 level of German.
  • Open mindedness about other people and living situation.
  • Your educational background is not important for your voluntary service.

Service costs

The total cost of services for getting the contract is 1000 Euro. 30% payment is required as deposit and the balance (70%) before receiving the contract as volunteer.

You will receive

  • A contact person to guide and support you.
  • The opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge and to become involved in a voluntary activity.
  • Pocket money and meal allowances (300 Euro – 600 Euro monthly).
  • Support during the search for accommodation or an accommodation.
  • Health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance
  • Vacation.
  • Support to improve your German language skills.

Application Process/When to apply

It is best to apply early – between six to nine months before the start of a placement is recommendable. It is especially important to apply early if you require a visa to live and work in Germany.

How to apply

Contact our service support info@studyallabroad.com

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